AquaChar for Aquariums



  • AquaChar Chunk Carbon in compostable plastic bag
  • 6×4 AquaChar Sticker (excluding 250ml)
  • Instructions

Reusable Nylon Bag

treats up to 50 gallons

treats up to 200 gallons

treats up to 800 gallons

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AquaChar is designed to allow aquarist build biological stability.

Easy Monthly maintenance.

Add new to the old to find stability.

Then regenerate.

 AquaChar takes care of 2/3rds of your filtration needs!


AquaChar works for several months: Effective lifespan of AquaChar is typically 3-6+ months depending on bio-load. When particles appear, add the new dose to existing AquaChar to increase your waste management!

AquaChar can replace bio-media: We integrate the same technologies used in ceramic bio-media only AquaChar uses carbon carbon to actively deliver food to biological microsites. Adding new while rinsing the old provides a stability hard to maintain in a closed loop system.

AquaChar naturally buffers pH: Slowly increases pH over the first few weeks, typically finding stability between weeks 2-4. Most customers see a pH of 7.5-7.8 in freshwater and 8.0-8.4 in saltwater. Aquariums with buffered substrates and certain types of rocks will have minimal impact.

AquaChar has a negative ionic charge: The cause of most water clarity issues is Dissolved Organics – which are positively charged. AquaChar magnetically attracts fine particulates, creating crystal clear water within hours.

This creates a smorgasbord: The natural substructure of the fiber and vascular system of trees is preserved in AquaChar. Creating massive surface area for the internal and external colonization of microorganisms.

Which creates a “waste management system”: The larger size and internal porosity creates a biological microsite for nitrifying and decomposing microorganisms to break down organics efficiently. A more on demand consumption of organics stabilizes ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.

Extends time between glass cleaning: Slow-released hydroxides combine with adsorption of free-floating algae reduces time it takes for algae to re-establish on interior surfaces.

AquaChar is a handcrafted, batch process made from recycled and sustainable natural resources. Each batch is carefully monitored to ensure premium quality and consistency.


Weight 100 g

50 gallons (1 cup) w/ bag, 100 gallons (2 cups) w/ bag, 200 gallons (1/4 gallon), 400 gallons (1/2 gallon), 800 gallons (1 gallon), 800 gallons (1 gallon) w/ bag, POND – 2,500 gallons (2.5 gallon), POND – 5,000 gallons (5 gallons)


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