AquaChar Flakes



  • AquaChar Flakes Carbon in compostable plastic bag
  • 6×4 AquaChar Sticker
  • Instructions
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  • AquaChar provides clean water to developing roots: Since AquaChar is free of VOC’s it pulls in contaminates from the water providing clean water and moisture control.
  • AquaChar has negatively charged ions: When added to the soil and watered it will start to pull in the positively charged organics in the soil.
  • This creates a microsite: This provides the food and safety bacteria needs to work efficiently and reproduce.
  • Which creates compost microsites: Once AquaChar is colonized with beneficial bacteria, they will break down organics to different types of nutrients.
  • Acting like a battery” for roots: Developing roots will find AquaChar and will be presented with “biologically” available water and nutrients allowing use of energy to focus on growth.
  • Creating a home base” for bacteria and fungi: As AquaChar matures in the soil bacteria and fungi will branch out in search of nutrients and bringing them to the growing root.
  • AquaChar naturally buffers pH: AquaChar naturally buffers pH of fresh water to 7.5-7.8 but adjusts to the substrate environment. AquaChar can be preconditioned to a specific pH using an acid such as white vinegar for 24-48 hours.
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